Duz Cho Construction L.P

Health and Safety Manager

Job description

Position Description: Work  with the Management & Supervisors, to achieve a high degree of safety  Practices, keep reporting up to date and complete Pre-qualification for new  clients.

Job Overview: The Health and safety manager will assist all  workers to understand their roles within the Health and safety practices.  They will set up required training. Success is everyone working together as a  team to complete the jobs Safety.

Areas of responsibilities: Supervise  and Schedule First Aid Attendants, Health and safety Statistics, Training  Coordination, Safety Compliance, Reporting Procedures, Site Safety Management  Plans,

Primary Objectives: Keep  all personal information Confidential and Report and investigate all  accidents / Incidents.

Specific Responsibilities of the Job:

1. Administering, monitoring and promoting the HS&E  Program, encouraging proactive involvement of all personnel including  sub-contractors in managing the program.

2. Ensures the suitability of contractors to work safety.

3. Liaises with construction industry safety agencies, such as:

Ø Work Safe BC.

Ø Duz Cho Construction clients.

4. Investigates reviews, evaluates, and makes recommendations  regarding incidents.

5. Oversee the accountability and responsibility of the safety  risk, and use the resource is available through the company to support the  safety management system and safety issues.

6. Be familiar with the legislation, BCCSA, BC forest, BC  mines act, Energy Safety[BL1] Canada and any other sources that could assist  and support the safety management system

7. Assists in the process of safety orientations, hazard  assessments, safe work procedures, and provide appropriate skills training to  all employees.

8. Ensure that action logs are up to date and being completed.

9. Go on work site tours quarterly, in order to observe employee  compliance with the health and safety standards and practices. This can be  documented on the daily safety meeting, a work site inspection or on an on  the job training record.

10. Conduct two-way communication with employees to positively  enforce.

11. Ensures that all incidents have been investigated and  reports have been prepared in accordance with O.H.S Act and Regulation.

12. Arranges for audits to ensure the HS&E Program is  functioning as intended.

13. Accountable for the effective management of all Work Safe  B.C cases.

14. Develops a system of planned safety inspections of  projects to identify unsafe acts or conditions, and to make recommendations  for improvements.

15. Communicates with Company Management regarding safety  performance, incident trends, and industry related information.

16. Manages and Implements the Safe and Early Return to Work  Program.

17. Monitor legislative changes and inform management and  employees.

18. Maintain training records of all employees and  sub-contractors.

19. Ensure safety meetings on a regular basis.

20. Ensuring employees and sub-contractors are in compliance  with provincial and federal legislation, the company safety policies and  procedures, and client specific policies and procedures.

21. Maintains the safety management system, making changes and  updates as required. 

Qualifications and Experience

· Education level – Min CSO.

· Experience – Min 2 years

· Specific skills. – Computer Skills, Documentation

· Personal characteristics. – Communication Skills

· Certifications. – Investigation, Auditor, Leadership for  Safety Excellence

· Licenses. – Class 5 Drivers License or Higher

· Physical abilities. – Lift 10 lbs


Broad knowledge and experience in: Occupational Health and  safety, construction, Forestry, Oil and Gas,

· Above average skills in: Computer Software,

· Excellent skills in: Communication & Managing time

· Demonstrated ability to: Investigate Incidents

· Demonstrated ability to: Build Job Hazard Analysis

· Demonstrated ability to: Report to Management Action Items

· General knowledge of: BC OH&S, BC Mines Acts, OGC, etc..

Skills and Abillities

Hours & Schedule

Start Date

Number of Vacancies


How to Apply

Email:  reception@dcclp.com

Drop  resume off in person at Chetwynd office

Complete  online application at duzcho.com

Application Deadline

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